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DuPont family photographer | s’more time! | Grit City Photography


My friend Lisa always challenges me to think outside the standard family session portrait box … so what did she come up with this year? A November trip to the beach – complete with campfire and s’mores! What could possibly go wrong?

As it turned out, nothing! We got lucky with a 60 degree day, sunshine, and an empty beach. The kids had a blast and so did I.

Enjoy the images!

Did I mention this family is adorable?

hallett_01 hallett_02 hallett_03 hallett_04 hallett_05 hallett_06 hallett_07 hallett_08 hallett_09 hallett_10 hallett_11 hallett_12 hallett_13 hallett_14 hallett_15 hallett_16 hallett_17 hallett_18 hallett_19 hallett_20 hallett_21 hallett_22  hallett_24 hallett_25 hallett_26 hallett_27 hallett_28 hallett_29 hallett_31 hallett_32 hallett_33 hallett_34 hallett_35 hallett_36 hallett_37 hallett_38